Are You Feeling Anxious About Tackling Potty Training

Nowadays it would appear by the number of books available, that mothers dread the thought of potty training. You may have heard tales from your friends, of disasters all over the house, new carpets spoiled, and embarrassing moments at friends’ houses or in public places.

Yes a few accidents are inevitable in the early days, but with a bit of forward planning and common sense most can be avoided. Be prepared is the motto here. Always take spare pants, clothing and wipes when venturing out, or in the early days you could use pull-ups, and reduce the hassle of occasional mishaps when going out or when baby is having a nap.

. For occasions when the worst happens and there is a little accident don’t scold or criticise be good-humoured and take it in your stride. In retrospect these accidents may seem quite funny!

Tales I have heard are of an expensive beautiful cream carpet throughout the flat christened repeatedly. Well for the first few days of training when it starts in earnest plastic sheeting could have covered the carpet, or the doors shut of certain rooms, it is like leaving a puppy access to everyone’s shoes and then being surprised when they are chewed. Don’t laugh at the time, in front of your child, you probably won’t want too, but it would create mixed messages.

If the worst happens carpet cleaners are cheap to hire and effective. In fact I looked after one of my grandchildren for her first years and when she was first born she suffered from projectile vomiting after feeds. It wasn’t until we were advised to prop her up in a sitting position for half an hour after feeds that we could usually prevent it occurring. Yes and we had cream carpets too!

3 Reasons for Delaying Potty Training

Even though you have decided your little one is sufficiently developed and ready to begin potty training there are times your plan to start your program in earnest should be delayed.

If a child is constipated delay your training or they may associate the potty with discomfort, or delay their action and make constipation worse. If they are teething or unwell they are unlikely to feel like cooperating. They may also have loose stools, which could make it difficult for them, and could upset them with any mishaps.

If you are too busy, to spend time watching and playing with them, delay until a more convenient date.

With some planning potty training isn’t that difficult. Ideally when baby is sitting up comfortably sit them on a small potty by your legs after meal or bath time and share a book or toys for a few minutes to get them used to sitting on a potty. Sometimes you will get results and it will make training easier when he or she is bigger as baby with be familiar with the potty. Be patient with your little one it is a new learning curve.