Anti-Aging Not Just About Looking Younger

Anti-aging has become one of the holy grail of societies all over the globe.

From the ridiculous to the sublime, treatments and surgeries abound to get us

looking and feeling younger, longer.

Some of these offers are effective to varying degrees and some are just

money wasters.

However, looking younger is not the only component in an anti-aging regimen!

Some of the most youthful individuals are those who remain relevant, engaged

and engaging.

They refuse to act their age!

No sitting around with closed minds waiting to die.

That means they are open to new ideas, people, places and things.

Don’t get me wrong, they dress for what looks appropriate on them and still remain stylish and “put together”.

They are not slaves to fashion, but know that books are often judged by their cover.

And so are human beings!

Equally important, age does not mean retiring from the world even when one has retired from the workforce.

The world can be accessed and shared through so many ways and these individuals choose to remain interesting by being interested in what is an offer.

One way to look younger is therefore to reawaken that sense of wonder we all had as when we first looked out at the world.

Yes, we might have been disabused of some naiveté, but we survived, became

empowered and now have those experiences to share with others.

Becoming jaded, bitter and hard- hearted and closed off serves no one, least of all you!

So, forgiving others and yourself is one the most impactful and beneficial anti-aging tips you can implement immediately.

Trying new things, laughing at ourselves when we fail helps us stay away from the need for perfection.

Being perfect is not attainable and only leads in self- delusion?

None of us can achieve this state, but we can strive for excellence.

Are you comfortable with yourself?

Some people know and accept themselves as they are and where they are in their life’s journey.

That is not to say they no longer have dreams and aspirations.

They do and they even have a plan to be and do and have more!

But rabid competition and comparing themselves to others is not part of their psyche.

They make time for family, friends and the needs of others.

Anti-Aging means to look inside yourself as well as out at the world to see how best you can make a positive impact.